Our Goals

ICPE – International Centre for Professional Education was founded in 2006 in order to provide business people and companies in Croatia and the region:

in the most developed countries of the world.

global and regional business experts.

knowledge and know – how in specific areas of business.

The characteristics of our “in houseprograms?

The content of ``tailor-made``
All programs that are in our offer we are ready to adjust and “tailored” to the needs, culture and business objectives of clients.
Building a learning organization
Your staff with our support to develop their professional skills and encourage each other in the application of new skills acquired on a business training. This is one way of organizational learning.

Appropriate time

Clients are able to choose the time of the business training that suits them best view of their workload. Training is done even on weekends or in the evening.
The positive impact on motivation
Just a short course can have a significant positive impact on business performance, raising morale, motivation and productivity of staff, opening up new horizons and enriching new ideas and knowledge.
Reducing costs
Training is done in locations that the client chooses, and that suits him best – which means saving travel costs and accommodation, as well as staff time business client.
The customer can choose and combine different training options from individual training for individual experts to complex programs, which include several work teams or even entire organizational units.

Clients about us?

ICPE – International Centre for Professional Education

So far, more than 7000 participants from more than 1000 companies in the entire region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro) have taken part in the programmes organized or co-organized by ICPE.

We have successfully organized more than 50 business conference in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, among which are some of the most successful in the region: BSC Summit with Robert Kaplan, Adris Business Forum with Jack Welch, Adria Business Forum with Tom Peters, Start Up Croatia“ with Oliver Rotshchild ect. .

Over 400 seminars and conferences
More than 7000 participants
More than 1000 companies

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