• Organization of business conferences, seminars and open special educational programs with leading global and regional experts in specific areas of business
• Perform “in house” business seminars in order to support modern business methods and knowledge in Croatian and regional companies
• Business consulting; in order to increase the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and competitiveness of Croatian and regional companies.


Our goals

ICPE – International Centre for Professional Education was founded in 2006 in order to provide business people and companies in Croatia and the region:
• to be in step with current business trends in the most developed countries of the world
• direct contact and communication with leading global and regional business experts
• close monitoring of the world’s leading practices, knowledge and know – how in specific areas of business.
• the best organizational and HR solutions

We want to intensify of cooperation with other countries in the field of professional training, and business education.

Our main activities

So far, more than 7000 participants from more than 1000 companies in the entire region (Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Montenegro) have taken part in the programmes organized or co-organized by ICPE.
We have successfully organized more than 50 business conference in Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia, among which are some of the most successful in the region: BSC Summit with Robert Kaplan, Adris Business Forum with Jack Welch, Adria Business Forum with Tom Peters, Start Up Croatia“ with Oliver Rotshchild ect. .

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