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Business trainers and consultants / ICPE cluster

Poslovni treneri i savjetnici – ICPE KLASTER
Business trainers and consultants – ICPE CLUSTER

ICPE CLUSTER brings together proven and experienced domestic and foreign experts, business trainers and business consultants from various business areas, who usually act as independent, independent experts, consultants and business trainers. Through such an approach, we are able to select, encompass and combine the necessary competencies in the best way, so that projects in the field of organizing business organizations and staff education can be realized as high quality and
comprehensively as possible.

Marin Aničić

Master of Science, field of economics. Professor of psychology. He completed his studies in psychology and PDS Organization and Management in Zagreb. Holder of Six Sigma Green Belt. Holder of ISO 9001 Lead auditor certificate. Completed IMMSP – International Marketing Management Study Program – New York. Participant in more than 50 international business conferences and seminars. Lecturer in the scientific field of social sciences.


Business experience

An expert with more than ten years of experience in the field of business education. At the beginning of his career, he worked for three years as an officer and psychologist in the military police. He then worked as an expert in business practice in all areas of human resources management (selection, labor relations, organization, rewards, education). From the position of a psychologist at the “Institute of Aviation Medicine”, where he was responsible for the selection and education of military and civilian pilots, at the end of 2000 he came to the position of director of human resources at Getro. While working at Getro, he participates in the opening of 11 new sales centers and initiates a business reorganization project, the Sales Department, in which he cooperates with the EBRD and the TAM program. After leaving Getro in 2004, he worked as a business consultant for some of the most successful Croatian companies (M san group, King ICT) and organized and led numerous “in house” business seminars and trainings as well as open seminars. At the end of 2005, he is the founder and director of the International Center for Professional Education and organizes business conferences with leading world experts. He is the organizer of Adris Business Forum in 2007 with Jack Welch, Adria Business Forum with Tom Peters in 2008, BSC Forum with Robert Kaplan in 2006, TM Forum with Nicholas Negroponte in 2008, Start Up Croatia conference with Oliver Rothschild in 2014 and many other educational programs. So far, more than 5,000 participants from companies from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have participated in his seminars in the areas of business communication, CRM, and personal effectiveness. Some of the business organizations for which he successfully conducted “in-house” workshops and/or provided consulting services are: Atlantic Trade, Ataco, IBM, Pliva, Merck, European Commission, City of Zagreb, Croatia Insurance, Croatia Airlines, Croatia bank, Colas – Ceste Varaždin, M san grupa, King ICT, PIS, Trast, Jadranka grupa, Amadeus, Zagreb Montaža, OTP banka, RRIF, Tisak, Merkur osiguranje, HT Eronet, Elektroprivreda Herceg Bosna, Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine, Basler osiguranje, RRIF, Sonik . He was previously a professor at Edward Bernays – the First College of Communication Management and holder of the Leadership course.

Tihomir Bronić

Graduated in economics, Certified P&G trainer for Southeast Europe, for trainings: negotiation skills, communication skills and training the trainer (“train the trainer”)


Business experience

He taught at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Category Management or postgraduate study and full-time study of marketing. After several years of experience in sales and trade marketing in large international companies Procter & Gamble (1996-2005), Nestle Adriatic (2005-2006) and Philip Morris (2006-2007), he works as a business consultant and business trainer at Solers Center (2007-2014). with the aim of expanding knowledge and gaining new contacts and experience, but also a better balance between family life and career. He works as a trade director at Styria Medien AG/24 hours, then as a Sales Excellent Manager at Danfoss (2017 – 2018). While working in multinational companies, he gained extensive experience and was particularly successful in: leading sales and negotiation teams, managing and defining sales processes, creating a sales (commercial) policy, recruiting sales staff and forming sales teams, motivating and creating a positive working atmosphere among departments and training.

At P&G, twice awarded for sales achievements. One of the awards is for “the best sales manager” for the CEEMEA region 2003, – Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa; for achievements in reactivating sales to traditional and independent customers, which increased their share of sales by 11% in a year to 25%, with an overall increase in traffic in the country.

Danijel Črnčec

Mathematician, holder of a number of industrial certificates since 1999 for various areas of project management and other related knowledge. Specialist in project management (traditional and agile methodologies), business process management, and setting and introducing standards in organizations.


Business experience

Project manager with wide experience; from multinational multi-year projects in the fields of telecommunications, finance, shipbuilding, energy and retail. Its users are large world and international companies.

After several years of working in regional companies in leading positions (CEO, CTO) where the work included close cooperation with companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Konica Minolta, Open Text and others, he began working in a Japanese multinational company where he implemented changes at the Euro-cluster level in the segment of project management, portfolio expansion and the like, resulting in an extraordinary expansion of business that the company had not had until then in an area that was completely foreign until that moment.

He makes the decision to fully dedicate his career to work on project and process methodologies, and in 2015 he founds his own company that operates throughout the region, dealing primarily with project and process consulting and education.

He holds a large number of specialist trainings and is hired by a number of business schools as a regular or occasional lecturer.

In addition to regular teaching, he regularly supplements his knowledge by attending various trainings related to the topic of project management and related skills.

Melisa Idrizi
Melisa Idrizi

Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Schroth therapist (specialized method for correcting scoliosis and kyphosis of the spine, targeted exercise program for correct posture). Professional education she has: Cyriax method, manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging techniques, physiotherapy and physical activities in pregnancy, physiotherapy in sports injuries. Completed four-year professional program in integrative body-oriented psychotherapy and personal development, practitioner of Integrative Core Dynamics therapy, NLP practitioner (NLP training by Saša Tenodi).


Business experience

Founder of the Center for Physiotherapy Femur.

Born on January 17, 1992 in Slavonski Brod, she began her education at the high school for a physiotherapist technician in Pakrac. During her four-year training, she practiced in the fields of orthopedics, neurology, rheumatology and sports medicine in the Daruvar spa, Lipik Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation, Naftalan Special Hospital for Medical Rehabilitation in Ivanić Grad, and in the departments of orthopedics and neurology in general hospitals in Pakrac, Požega and Nova Gradiška, where she completed professional training and received a license as a physiotherapist. When she moved to Zagreb, she enrolled in physiotherapy studies.

During her studies, she worked as a physiotherapist during the summer season in the Thalassotherapy Crikvenica thermal baths, and during the year as a volunteer at the Special Hospital Sveta Katarina in Zabok, where she attended numerous surgical procedures and in the post-operative period. Under the mentorship of Dr. Rod, she defended her diploma thesis entitled “Proprioception of the patient after the installation of a total hip endoprosthesis”. With the recommendations of mentors and past employers, she worked in the private practice for physical therapy Željko Čop, Body Balance polyclinic, KBC Rebro.

After completing additional education, she started the Femur Physiotherapy Center, where the primary goal is the correction of incorrect posture and manual therapy of injuries. The Femur concept also takes care of employees in corporations in the form of treatments and exercises during working hours. She is the leader of the medical massage mentoring program, the only licensed program in the Republic of Croatia through which she trains future therapists. Mentor of professional practice at the Medical School. Professional associate as a physiotherapist in the Croatian Football Association.

Miroslav Klepač

He graduated in economics from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb in 1995, completed an MBA at the IEDC Bled School of Management in 2000, and the Academy of Executive Coaching from London in 2021.


Business experience

An expert with more than 15 years of experience in senior management positions. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an investment banker / financial advisor for acquisitions and mergers in the markets of Central and Southeast Europe. For fifteen years, he worked in the highest management positions in the field of financial management in leading companies that operate in the territory of the Republic of Croatia and that are listed on international stock exchanges; in the insurance sector (Croatia osiguranje d.d. and Allianz Zagreb d.d.), telecommunications (Hrvatski telekom / T-Mobile / Iskon) and food production and distribution (Podravka d.d.). He was a member of the finance board at Allianz Zagreb d.d., Iskon Internet d.d., Podravka d.d., and CFO Croatia osiguranje d.d.

He gained business experience by working in the highest managerial positions in various industries: insurance, telecommunications and FMCG; he was involved in the most responsible strategic projects, including mergers and acquisitions, sales and integration projects, etc., working for large international and local companies.

He has significant practical experience in merging companies “first hand”. After working on the sale of HT to Deutsche Telekom, he worked in the HT team that worked on several integration projects with DT, after the purchase of Iskon by HT, he was the CFO in Iskon, in Podravka he led the project of creating an integration plan for an acquisitive Slovenian company Zito d.d. and in Croatia osiguranje he was part of the merger projects of Croatia Zdravstveni osiguranje and Cardiff osiguranje Croatia osiguranje. Strong experience in successfully managing companies requiring turnaround/restructuring in new/small and well-established organizations.

In all these jobs, he demonstrated consistent achievement of above-average goals, often in very challenging circumstances, open communication based on exceptional commitment to the company’s long-term prosperity and professional goals, and strong leadership and team development skills.

After his corporate career, he focused on the development of human resources, especially coaching and mentoring of talented people and teams through work in his own company Expertive d.o.o. in which he works with a number of prominent Croatian managers.

Josip Muller

Doctor of Science, field of economics. Electrical Engineer. He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing of the University of Zagreb on the subject of application of game theory to digital automata. He graduated from the one-semester study program “Diploma Study in Management (DSM)” at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb. He received his master’s degree at the post-graduate study “Organization and Management” of the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb on the topic of electronic business. He received his doctorate in 2005 at the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Economics on the topic of client relationship management.


Business experience

He gained his rich experience in the FMCG industry as a manager in leading multinational companies operating in Croatia: Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, where he gained many years of experience in the position of Regional Business Development Manager for the division of consumer products and over-the-counter medicines.

He is the co-founder of the International Center for Professional Education, which organized the most successful business conferences in Croatia in 2006 and 2008, including Adris Business Forum with Jack Welch, BCG Forum with Robert Kaplan and Adria Forum with Tom Peters.

Josip is the co-author of the book “Category Management: Efficient response to customer needs in retail” (2007, authors: Josip Muller, Jerry Singh) – the first Croatian book on Category Management. He is the co-author of the book “Client relationship management: Applying CRM business strategy to increase competitiveness” (2006, authors: Velimir Srića, Josip Muller) – the first Croatian book on CRM.

From 2012 to 2018, he was the head of the “Client Relationship Management (CRM)” course at the Agora School of Market Communications.

Ratko Rudić

Retired, water polo coach and former water polo player. The most trophy-winning Croatian coach of all time when looking at all sports. In total, in his playing and coaching career, he won 64 trophies, of which nineteen club titles and 45 national team medals, including eighteen gold ones. At the most prestigious senior competitions, such as the European and World Championships and the Olympic Games, he won 21 medals, including ten golds. As a player and coach, in the period 1968 – 2012, he participated in the Olympic Games a total of eleven times, which is an absolute record in the history of Croatian sports.

On several occasions, he was declared the best player of the Yugoslavian league by Sports News from Zagreb and Sport from Belgrade. Yugoslavia’s top scorer at the 1977 European Championship in Jönköping with nine goals in seven games (average 1.28 per game). He received the most significant social award in Yugoslavia, the AVNOJ Award, in 1988.

As coach of SFRY, he was named coach of the men’s team of the year by Sportske novosti in 1984, 1987 and 1988. He received the same award in 2007 as coach of Croatia, only this time Sportske novosti awarded it together with the Croatian Olympic Committee.

He was inducted into the International Water Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. The Croatian Olympic Committee named him coach of the year in Croatia in 2007 and 2012. He received the Croatian State Sports Award “Franjo Bučar” in 2007 as an annual individual award and in 2012 as a lifetime achievement award. In 2012, the Croatian Association of Sports Journalists awarded him the “Recognition for cooperation with the media”. In 2012, the Croatian president awarded him the Order of Prince Branimir with a necklace.

Velimir Srića

Doctor of Science, professor Velimir Srića was born in Zagreb. He graduated from the Classical High School, the Faculty of Economics and a master’s degree at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. As a Fulbright scholar, he obtained an MBA from one of the world’s best management schools – Columbia University, New York, and a doctorate in managerial informatics.

He is a professor at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zagreb (professor emeritus). During his scientific career, he was a visiting professor at numerous world universities: UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles), Renmin in Beijing, IEDC in Bled and universities in Shanghai, Cincinnati, Budapest, Graz, Maribor, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Rijeka, Osijek and Split.

Since 2014, he has been a member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, and in 2015 he became a special advisor to the rector of the University of Zagreb for strategic projects.

He was the director of the Institute for Information Technology, the President of the Committee for Science, Technology and Informatics and a member of the Croatian Government. He was one of the founders of the Croatian-American Society and the Croatian European Movement.

He is an honorary member of HHO and the Croatian branch of the Club of Rome. He is the recipient of the Gerald Ford Scholarship and the Eisenhower Fellowship, the Golden Pen Award of the Croatian Journalists’ Association and Josip Juraj Strossmayer for Science.

He is a consultant for a number of Croatian and international companies in the field of management, leadership and information technology. He is one of the pioneers in promoting the development of creativity in Croatia and a World Bank expert on Change Management.

He hosted some of the world’s biggest names in business who visited Croatia: Jack Welch, Tom Peters, Paul Greenberg, Ridderstrale and Nordstrom, the author of Funky Business.

He wrote and published about a hundred scientific and professional books in Croatia and the USA, some of which became bestsellers.

He deals with a wide range of topics, from management and leadership, creativity, personal development, managerial informatics and business systems to political essays. In addition to scientific and professional topics, he also tried his hand at writing novels, poetry and children’s picture books. He was also involved in politics, wanting to apply his knowledge and ideas, driven by the need to be socially responsible.

He was a volunteer and non-partisan president of the Zagreb City Assembly and a city representative. He led the Working Group for Scientific and Technical Cooperation of the Alps-Adriatic Region and the Working Group for the Informatization Strategy of Croatia.

Unprepared for political games and the impossibility of acting without rotten compromises, he resigned twice. He described his experience of political idealism in the book of essays “That nasty politics”.

He likes to travel, plays guitar and piano, composes music (he played in a rock band as a teenager). His role models are Leonard Cohen, Sting, Mark Knofler, The Beatles and Arsen Dedić. He follows sports regularly, enjoys walking, cycling and online chess, and his greatest joy in life is his family: his wife Ana, daughter Lana and sons Luka, Dario and Davor.

Iva Taiber

Iva graduated in economics and linguistics from the University of Manchester. In addition, she obtained an EMBA degree from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENCP) and the joint business school of the University of Edinburgh. Iva is an executive coach, certified trainer and facilitator of the SDI personal strengths discovery tool. Iva was elected by HUP (Croatian Association of Employers) and became a member of the Database of Business Women.

Business experience

Iva is an experienced leader and business strategist with 20 years of experience. She started her professional career at Coca-Cola, then joined Nestlé in 2002, where she held a number of management positions within the company.

She worked in the Adriatic Region and abroad, and gained her professional experience by successfully managing business departments such as Nestlé Professional and Nestlé Purina. In 2016, Iva became a member of the board in the position of Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing Services, which covers a wide area: from corporate brand management, through digital transformation to internal communication.

During her career, Iva lived in 2 countries and worked in 14 markets. In 2019,
Iva launches Next Level Success. Its goal is to help leaders and their teams achieve NextLevel business results in new paradigms and a rapidly changing business environment, through more skillful use of leadership knowledge and tools.

He works with CEOs, department directors, senior managers and leaders. With them (1 on 1) and in support of them, he develops integrated programs and customized workshops in the field of leadership and business transformation. It covers various industries from FMCG, pharmaceuticals, FINTEC, start-ups, logistics, communication agencies, etc. which additionally contributes to its breadth of knowledge and offer. What sets Iva apart is her successful business experience, deep understanding of business and how value is created, clarity and concrete business/leadership interventions through which she helps leaders solve business challenges. Also as a certified Circl.es guide (US), she moderated mastremind groups, which consist of Harvard Business School participants and C-suite members of various business associations, mostly from the USA.

Iva graduated in economics and linguistics from the University of Manchester. In addition, she obtained an EMBA degree from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENCP) and the joint business school of the University of Edinburgh. Iva is an executive coach, certified trainer and facilitator of the SDI personal strengths discovery tool. Iva was elected by HUP (Croatian Association of Employers) and became a member of the Database of Business Women.

Iva believes that clarity of purpose and vision, skillful communication, support for employees to understand the new business context, work on mindset, and continuous empowerment with new knowledge and skills are key elements of individual change, which then contributes to new personal and organizational success and development.

Ivica Voloder

He graduated in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb. Master’s degree at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, postgraduate study in Organization and Management. Doctorate in Information and Communication Sciences at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb.

Senior lecturer in the scientific field of social sciences.


Business experience

An expert with more than 20 years of experience in various managerial and educational jobs in the field of management and finance.

He started his business experience working as a business consultant for corporate management in the company CM – EXPERT and in the company LM Info, after which he moved to Hrvatski telekom to the position of Senior Project Manager – Advisor, where he worked for more than 4 years and gained international managerial experience.

In 2011, he became the director of the People’s Open University in Zagreb, which he led for a four-year term.

He started working as a senior lecturer at the RRIF College of Financial Management more than 13 years ago, and is currently the vice-dean for teaching at that school and the head of two courses, Introduction to Economics and Entrepreneurship, Corporate Management and Corporate Planning.

He wrote over a hundred professional and scientific papers, and a year ago he published the book Corporate Management for the 21st Century.

Poslovni treneri i savjetnici – ICPE KLASTER