Conflict Management

Seminar Objective

Conflicts are a completely normal occurrence in organizations and can be beneficial if managed effectively. On the other hand, excessive avoidance of conflicts and “awkward” conflict management in business situations can lead to disastrous consequences.

The goal of the seminar is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge for effective conflict management. Through this seminar, participants will learn how to navigate uncomfortable situations, utilize the strengths and weaknesses of their own “natural” temperament, and adapt to the temperaments of other individuals with whom they collaborate in a business context.

Participants will also learn to recognize the causes of conflicts, properly employ conflict resolution strategies and techniques, and assist others in resolving their conflicts through the mediation process. Proper use of mediation techniques is particularly important when assuming leadership roles..

Special attention in the training will be given to the practical aspect of conflict management and how to successfully apply the acquired knowledge and skills in practical business situations.

Conflict Management

Intended Audience

The seminar is intended for anyone who wishes to enhance their conflict management skills in business organizations, especially managers at all levels.


After completing the seminar, participants will be able to
  • Describe and explain the causes of conflicts.
  • Describe and explain conflict resolution styles and methods.
  • Analyze, recognize, discover, and evaluate correct and incorrect procedures (mistakes) that occur in the conflict management process, as well as how to avoid typical mistakes.
  • Apply various conflict resolution styles and methods.
  • Apply methods to navigate uncomfortable situations.
  • Synthetically select their own approach and method of conflict management based on various models they have been introduced to.


Implementation Method

Participants are divided into teams that compete in solving a series of conflict-related problem situations during the program. Various methods are used in the program, including facilitated discussions, role-playing, video feedback, case studies, group work, critical event analysis, demonstrations, presentations, brainstorming, questionnaires, panels, mutual exchange of experiences, and more. The primary focus is on skill development rather than dry transmission of theoretical information, which is typical of traditional teaching methods.



The optimal duration of the seminar is 8 school hours, divided into four blocks of 90 minutes each.


Program Topics
  • What conflicts are and how they operate.
  • Recognizing early conflict signals and the causes that lead to conflicts.
  • Major temperament types – which type do you belong to?
  • How to adapt communication to different temperament types.
  • Types of conflicts.
  • Conflict resolution styles and methods.
  • Navigating and tactically handling situations when you are verbally attacked.
  • Argumentation, persuasion, and influence.
  • Mediation and conflict management (tips and tricks).
Number of Participants

The optimal number of participants is 8 to 12.

Conflict Management