Social Skills – Working with Clients and Colleagues

Seminar Objective

In addition to technical expertise, social skills are of great importance for the successful execution of business tasks for professionals in the IT and other technical fields. These skills include counseling, teaching, presenting, persuading, emotional control, and communicating with various types of individuals, clients, colleagues, partners, and management. The seminar is based on the analysis of real-life cases in which employees face everyday communication, interpersonal, and organizational problems when working with clients and colleagues. It provides clear recommendations on how to handle specific situations.

The program combines elements from today’s most successful schools of modern psychology, business organization, and communication sciences and is conducted by a business trainer with extensive experience in conducting business training sessions.

The goal of the business seminar is to acquire the social skills and knowledge necessary for successful work with clients by IT and other technical professionals. The training will pay special attention to the social and practical aspects of working with clients, i.e., how to effectively apply specific knowledge and skills in practical business situations.

Social Skills – Working with Clients and Colleagues


The seminar is intended for all IT and technical professionals who want to improve their skills in working with clients, especially those who communicate with clients on a daily basis in their work.


After attending the seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Describe and explain the principles of socially intelligent models in working with clients.
  • Analyze, recognize, identify, discover, and evaluate correct and incorrect practices (mistakes) that occur in the client interaction process, as well as how to avoid typical mistakes.
  • Apply socially intelligent models in working with clients.
  • Synthesize their own approach and method of working with clients based on various models they have learned.


Implementation Method

Participants are divided into teams that compete in solving a series of problem situations throughout the program. We use various methods during the program: facilitated discussions, role-playing, video feedback, case studies, group work, critical event analysis, demonstrations, presentations, brainstorming, questionnaires, panels, sharing experiences, and more. We focus on practicing skills rather than dryly conveying theoretical information, which dominates in traditional teaching methods.



The optimal duration of the seminar is 8 school hours, divided into four blocks of 90 minutes each.


Program Topics
  • HCS – Helping Clients Succeed according to Mahan Khalsa’s method; counseling and teaching internal and external clients and influencing their decision-making process.
  • Business presentation, persuasion, argumentation.
  • Communication with different types of individuals, building positive relationships.
  • How to overcome misunderstandings and communication barriers and create conditions for long-term collaboration.
  • Dealing with uncomfortable situations and conflicts – emotional control.
Number of Participants

The optimal number of participants is 8-12.

Social Skills – Working with Clients and Colleagues