Assessment of the Potential of Key Personnel

The procedure that significantly increases the quality of management in the company is an expert assessment of the potential of the human resources available to the company for the following reasons:

  1. Through this procedure, hidden talents are revealed, i.e. employees who do less important jobs and have great potential for significantly more responsible and complex jobs
  2. Using our sociometric method, a clear picture of the social relations of key employees is determined, conflicts that make business difficult are recorded so that they can be adequately resolved in the later stages.
  3. By means of a 360-degree questionnaire, where each individual manager is evaluated by his colleagues at the same level, his subordinates and his superior, the competency profile of each individual key employee, their strengths and weaknesses is determined, which is the basis for the subsequent elimination of deficiencies and improvements
  4. With the help of psychometric instruments (cognitive ability tests, personality questionnaires, etc.), the abilities and personality of individual key employees are determined, on the basis of which, in the following steps, it is possible to better staff and manage human resources
Assessment of the Potential of Key Personnel
We performed this service to dozens of companies in Croatia. The service includes the following activities
  • Recording the state of the level and quality of leadership
  • Application of the 360 questionnaire, sociometric method, job satisfaction questionnaire and other methods
  • Psychological / psychometric processing of key employees
  • Creation of a report that includes analysis of social relations, creation of individual profiles of key employee competencies
  • Feedback, counseling and education of key employees and management
Assessment of the Potential of Key Personnel