Business Communication by Phone

Program Objective

Phone communication is the dominant way of interacting with customers in many service organizations. This type of business communication has its specificities and rules that need to be understood to achieve top-notch service. A satisfied customer returns, while an unsatisfied one, on average, tells ten others about what they’re unhappy with. Therefore, excellent customer service plays a crucial role in retaining existing customers, acquiring new ones, and shaping a client’s perception of the company. We all know how much a polite voice and a pleasant, understanding communicator on the other end of the phone line mean to us when we need information or to resolve a problem. The ways to achieve such telephone communication are neither overly expensive nor overly challenging, yet its significance is extremely high.

The goal of the seminar is to acquire the skills and knowledge needed to apply key principles of successful business communication by phone among participants. The training will pay special attention to the psychological and practical aspects of business phone communication, i.e., how to successfully apply acquired knowledge and skills in practical business situations.

Business Communication by Phone

Intented Audience

The seminar is intended for anyone who wants to improve their business phone communication skills, especially personnel on the front lines of customer phone communication.


After attending the seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Describe and explain the principles of successful business phone communication.
  • Analyze, recognize, discover, and assess correct and incorrect actions (mistakes) that occur in the process of business phone communication and how to avoid typical mistakes.
  • Apply successful principles of business phone communication.
  • Synthetically, based on various models, choose their own approach and method of business phone communication.


Implementation Method

Participants are divided into teams that compete in solving a series of problem situations during the program. Throughout the program, various working methods are used: facilitated discussions, role-playing, video feedback, case studies, group work, analysis of critical events, demonstrations, presentations, brainstorming, questionnaires, panels, exchange of experiences, and more. The greatest attention is paid to skill development rather than the dry transfer of theoretical information, which dominates in traditional teaching.



The optimal duration of the seminar is 8 school hours, divided into four blocks of 90 minutes each.

Program Topics
  • Noise in the communication channel: deletion, generalization, distortion.
  • The significance of the first impression.
  • Voice as an instrument.
  • Preparation for phone communication.
  • Call redirection.
  • Receiving calls.
  • Receiving messages.
  • What the customer expects.
  • How to listen and speak.
  • Positive energy and stress.
  • Concise expression.
  • How to deliver unwanted information.
  • Communication with difficult customers.
  • Handling complaints and grievances.
  • Communication with different personality types.
Number of Participants

The optimal number of participants is 8-16.

Business Communication by Phone