Personal Branding & Story Telling

Program Objective

Provide concrete knowledge and tools to enable participants to successfully:
  • Recognize and understand that in the current context of change, purpose, brand, and communication are essential for achieving tangible business results.
  • Recognize and understand that as leaders, we cannot currently guarantee security (outcomes, the future) to our teams, but we can work on clarity through skillful communication.
  • Define their purpose and their leadership brand.
  • Become more skilled in communicating and presenting themselves, their work, and their team’s work
  • Define their audience and stakeholders
  • ‘Sell’ their ideas and team successes.
  • Engage and motivate their team to do what needs to be done.
  • Adapt their communication to different stakeholders.
  • Define/choose where to communicate offline and virtually for maximum personal and team success.
  • Learn to tell interesting personal/business stories skillfully and consistently.
  • Improve their personal brand and online presence (LinkedIn).
  • ‘Co-brand’ with their company (personal/employer branding).

Personal Branding & Story Telling

“If you don’t tell your own story, someone else will tell it for you.”

Now, in a time when most work is hybrid, change is constant, we belong to multiple teams, work in a matrix, collaborate with more people, and our reputation (and the reputation of our companies) is just one online click away… how to define your purpose and build your leadership brand, ensuring that what you, as leaders, your team, and your organization do is seen, heard, and valued?

The workshop covers 6 topics
  2. MY BRAND – What is my story?
  3. MY GOAL – Why tell your story?
  4. MY AUDIENCE – Who are you talking to?
  5. STORYTELLING – How to communicate and tell stories successfully?
Intented Audience

The seminar is intended for leaders who want to define their purpose and achieve business results from their authenticity, enhance their reputation, successfully build their careers, lead their teams, and improve their storytelling and communication skills.


Participants will, after attending the workshop:
  • Learn why self-awareness and purpose clarity are important for leaders (and their teams).
  • Learn how to immediately define their purpose and personal brand (at least the first version).
  • Define a currently important business goal for them and create a concrete plan related to the goal: o Mapping stakeholders o Offline and online communication
  • Through the ‘STORYTELLING MODEL,’ learn to skillfully and consistently tell personal and business stories to achieve business results.
  • Understand why word choice is important (the energy of words).
  • Learn how to think about communication channels and frequency.
  • Improve their personal brand and online presence (LinkedIn).
  • Learn how to simultaneously build their own brand and their company’s brand.


Implementation Method

The workshop:

  • Is based on and designed for real personal and business contexts.
  • Starts with self-understanding and defining purpose and personal brand.
  • Provides concrete knowledge and tools that are applied on the spot, so participants leave with the first version of purpose, personal brand, communication plan, and stories to achieve the goal they defined at the beginning of the workshop.
  • Is concrete but also interactive, dynamic, and fun.



One-day workshop, 8 school hours

Number of Participants

The optimal number of participants is 8-12.