Proactive Sales

Program Objective

At the core of this program, is an effective sales process model in which both the seller and the client participate; the client with their preferences and values, and the seller with their personality and approach to the client. The sales process is broken down into eight steps. Sales is a communication process, so the focus of the program is on communication finesse (tips and tricks) during the sales process.

The goal of the Proactive Sales workshop is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge crucial for successful sales communication. Through this seminar, participants will become familiar with the concept, characteristics, traits, styles, and the latest insights related to the practice, key competencies, and the art of sales. The training will pay special attention to the communication and practical aspects of the sales process, namely how to effectively apply specific knowledge and skills in practical business situations. Participants in the program will discover what makes excellent salespeople excellent and how and why excellent salespeople achieve much better results than poor salespeople in the same business conditions.
Polaznici kroz program otkrivaju što je to što izvrsne prodavače čini izvrsnima, te kako i zašto izvrsni prodavači postižu mnogostruko bolje rezultate od slabih prodavača u istim poslovnim uvjetima.

Proactive Sales

Intented Audience

The seminar is intended for anyone who wants to improve their sales skills and knowledge, especially personnel for whom sales communication with clients and customers is an integral part of their daily work.


After attending the seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Describe and explain all steps of the sales process
  • Analyze, recognize, identify, and evaluate correct and incorrect practices (mistakes) that occur in the sales process, as well as how to avoid typical errors
  • Apply the principles of successful sales communication and sales presentation
  • Adapt their sales communication style to different types of individuals
  • Synthesize, based on various models, their own approach and method of sales


Implementation Method

Participants are divided into teams that compete in solving a series of problem situations throughout the program. We use various methods during the program: facilitated discussions, role-playing, video feedback, case studies, group work, critical event analysis, demonstrations, presentations, brainstorming, questionnaires, panels, sharing of experiences, and more. We focus on practicing skills rather than dryly conveying theoretical information, which dominates in traditional teaching methods.



The optimal duration of the seminar is 16 school hours, divided into eight blocks of 90 minutes each.


Program Topics
  • Sales Preparation – Expert knowledge about the offer, personal conviction in the product’s quality, compiling a list of customers, gathering information about clients, self-preparation, self-motivation, entrepreneurial mindset.
  • First Contact – Appointment scheduling.
  • Establishing Communication – Start of the sales conversation – first impression, verbal and non-verbal communication, etc.
  • Recognizing Client Needs – Active listening, analysis of customer needs.
  • Providing Information – Presentation of the offer, aligning with the client’s needs.
  • Sales Argumentation and Solution Presentation – Providing additional information, addressing objections, negotiation, achieving agreement.
  • Decision-Making and Closing – Closing techniques, recognizing buying signals.
  • Self-evaluation and Ongoing Client Care – Delivery, service.
  • Tips & Tricks in Sales
Number of Participants

The optimal number of participants is 8 to 12.

Proactive Sales