Seminar goal

In the basis of this programme, designed for educating salespersons, is a model of efficient sales process including a salesperson and a customer; the customer with his/her preferences and values, and the salesperson with his/her personality and approach. The sales process is divided in 8 steps. Selling is seen as a communication process, so the emphasis is placed on communication details (tips and tricks) of sales process.
Seminar goal is the development and improving of proactive sale skills, knowledge and competences that are vital for successful sale. Through this seminar, participants will learn key competencies that modern sellers must have – and techiques for mastering them, practical steps for developing their own skills. The training leader will pay special attention to the psychological and practical aspects of proactive sale applied to concrete business situations.

Who is the seminar for?

The seminar is designed for sales managers and experts of all levels, team leaders, the newly appointed managers and all others who want to develop their sales skills.


The training is organized in the form of workshops that are primarily oriented to experiential learning of the necessary skills. Our workshops are characterised by dynamic, interactive work with plenty of exercises that enable our participants to experience and practice directly the use of necessary skills. Besides that, during training, participants are constantly provided by feedback from the trainer. Participants are divided into teams of three or four that compete to each other. They are also constantly encouraged to exchange their experiences with their colleagues.

We use combined methods of learning:
• Presentations of key theory concepts
• Role-play
• Video feedback
• Teams competition
• Study cases
• Critical situations analysis
• Discussions
• Panels
• Demonstrations
• Brainstorming etc.


The optimal duration of the seminar is 8 hours.

After attending the seminar, participants will be trained

  • • To describe and explain models and principles of successful sales process
    • To analyze, identify, detect and assess the correct and incorrect actions (errors) that occur in the sales process and how to avoid typical mistakes
    • To apply models and principles for proactive and successful sales
    • To build syntheticly their own way for successful sales

From the content of the seminar

  • • Preparation for sale – build your expertise and knowledge about your products and services, buld your own belief about the quality of your products, compiling a list of clients, collect information about clients, preparing himself, self-motivating, entrepreneurial attitude
    • First contact – appointments
    • Start sales conversation – first impression, verbal and nonverbal communication
    • Identifying the needs of clients – active listening, analysis of customer needs
    • Information – introduction, connecting with the customer’s needs
    • Sales argumentation and presentation of the solution – providing additional information, complaint resolution, negotiation, making a deal
    • Decision and finalising the sale – techniques
    • Self-evaluation and further customer care – delivery, service
    • Tips & Tricks in sales communication

Number of participants

The optimal number of participants: 8 – 12.