In cooperation with RRIF PLUS we organized Management Skills in Accounting, Auditing and Finance Departments Workshop on November 22nd 2018.
This dynamic and interactive seminar abounding with a series of practical tips and examples from real business situations was intended to improve management skills, communication skills and teamwork efficiency of our participants.
The seminar is intended for managers in the fields of accounting, auditing and finance, as well as the owners of accounting services, those who prepare for the roles of managers and all those who want to improve their managerial skills.
The program combines the elements of today’s most successful schools of contemporary management, psychology and communication sciences, and is performed by people with many years of experience in conducting business training.
The content of the seminar consisted of seven main sections:
• Key competencies and fatal management mistakes
• Management styles, style adaptation to individual types of employees
• Efficient task execution control
• The art of persuasion
• Presentation of tasks, corrective action, providing feedback
• Eliminating dysfunctions in teamwork and how to improve team work, troubleshooting
• Office exercises with a physiotherapist to raise the positive energy

The leaders of the seminar were:

Marin Aničić, psychologist, Master in Management and Organization with more than 15 years of working experience as a Business Coach,
Tonći Šitić, senior physiotherapist, post-isometric relaxation instructor, manual therapy practitioner, stress relaxation trainer, author of “23-step medical gymnastics”.

The participants rated the seminar with an average grade of 4.51.

We organized 8th Croatian Retail Forum & Retail Expo on December 15, 2018 in Forum Zagreb. Keynote speaker was Mark Taylor  the world’s leading  European and world retail expert and the author of the global bestseller: “Who Killed Category Management: What Every Salesperson, Marketeer, Retailer and Shopper needs to know about Retail Shopper Management.”  About 120 participants participated in the forum.